️?️?️?️?️??️?️?️*Jai Ho*
Radiant Group Jabalpur was honored by the Home Minister, M.P. Government, Dr. Shri Narottam Mishra.

Today was a day of great pride for Radiant Group Jabalpur. While on the one hand, “Shoorveer Samman” was organized by News18 channel for the police personnel who enhanced the pride of uniform in Jabalpur, in which the organization was co-hosted, on the other hand the institution was awarded for its excellent performance in the field of education. Home Minister M. Q. Government Shri Narottam Mishra ji as well as Chairman of Madhya Pradesh Gopalan and Livestock Promotion Board Shri Akhileshwaranand Giri ji and M.P. In the presence of Shri Vinod Gotian, Chairman of State Tourism Development Corporation
was awarded. The above program was organized at Tarang Bhawan, Jabalpur. The above honor was received by the organization’s assistant director Mr. Sandeep Pandey and CEO Mr. Shashank Dixit.
It is a matter of great pride for the organization. On this occasion, happiness was expressed by the Sanstha Parivar. Best wishes were sent to the organizers and management of the event.